*Due to being out of season Large bags of There will be blood orange are now out of stock, the large size Complete garnish pack will be shipped without There will be Blood Orange until approx July 2021 when blood orange comes back in season.


Take your G&T to the next level! Citrus works well with almost all Gins so feel free to try our garnishes with any of your favourite Gin and Tonic combinations.


This complete garnish pack will have you covered no matter what drink you're pouring, and the long shelf life means you won't need to worry about them going bad.


The complete garnish pack includes one bag of each of our flavours.

Whole Lotta Rosebuds are perfect for adding a floral touch to any cocktail. Float a single bud in the foam of your sours or scatter a handfull through a cocktail. Also, consider pairing them with floral spirits such as Hendricks Gin


I created Parched Pineapple for Pina Coladas but they're an ideal addition to anything tropical you might happen to mix up this summer.


Sizzled Strawberries are going to be your new favourite garnish. Sprinkle them over a glass of Froze or any other fruity or summary cocktail.


I recommend Burnt Orange to be paired with:

The Story Gin

Manly Dry Gin

Silent Pool Gin



Aperol Spritz


I recommend Scorched Lime to be paired with

Bathtub Gin

Nonesuch Dry Gin

Never Never Juniper Freak



Moscow Mule

Cuba Libre


I recommend Seared Grapefruit to be paired with:

Poltergeist Gin

Patient Wolf Gin

Billy Goats Gin

Never Never Juniper Freak

Beefeater 24

Tanqueray 10



I recommend Roasted Lemon to be paired with:

Poor Tom Fool Strength

Bathtub GinAbel Gin

Patient Wolf Gin

Bombay Saphire


Tom Collins

Complete Garnish Pack


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