Keep Calm and Cocktail

It's all part of the trend to move from the Boston Tin and Glass combo to work with the double tin. What ever your preference is, you can interchange the Short Shaker Tin (otherwise known as a Toby Tin or Cheater Tin) with the Boston Glass making this set very useful indeed!


In comparison to a Cobbler Shaker, the Boston Shaker has a larger capacity, ideal for fast-paced bars. Use it in conjunction with a hawthorn strainer so you can speedily strain away those fruits, pips and ice without fear of clogging your strainer.


The Boston Shaker has a huge 850mL capacity whilst the Short Shaker Tin has a 530mL capacity.


  • Designed for easy separation after shaking
  • 2 cocktail capacity
  • Dishwasher safe


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