Its Time

To step up your garnnish game

Roasted Lemon

A dehydrated lemon slice is the classic G&T garnish making this a perfect place to start. Try it in any London Dry Gin you have handy or inPoor Top Fools Strength, Bathub Gin, Abel Gin, Patient Wolf and in classic cocktails like a Tom Collins.


How long will my garnishes last?

They have a 12-month shelf life but I have had them last for years if they're kept dry..


How should I store them?

You could keep them in the packet, but I would recommend an airtight Kilner Jar


How should I use them?

Stick 'em in your drinks! 


No, Seriously

Directly Substitute them for their fresh counterparts. With G&Ts you can experiment pretty freely. 


Scorched Lime or Roasted Lemon will always work, if you have a Summery Gin the Burnt Orange would be delicious. Whilst Seared Grapefruit or There Will Be Blood Orange will work nicely with a more floral gin.


In cocktails try matching the garnish to the ingredients inside, so If your using Lime Juice a Scorched Lime Garnish is perfect