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Pour Over Coffee Mezcal Negroni

When I first heard about the Pour Over Coffee Mezcal Negroni if I told you I was excited it would be a vast understatement.

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Were there ever 3 more delicious drinks combined in the same sentence?

Pour Over Coffee - Mezcal - Negroni

Pulp Fiction - This is some serious gourmet sh#t

I discovered the Pour over Coffee method about 18 months ago, I shopped around for the best value website I could find and picked up the necessary kit and used this video to learn how to do it.

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Over the coming month I practiced the technique each morning, enjoying delicious coffee as I learned how the method worked.

It turns out its easy and relatively quick to do, and will taste as good if not better than most barista made coffee when you get the hang of it.

The key points to successful brewing are as follows:

  • The grind is key. All of the instructions and recipes you will find refer to extraction timings (the amount of time it takes for the water to pass through the coffee) but your timings will not match these if your coffee grind is off. Grind it too fine and the water passes through too slowly. Too course and it passes through too fast. A "medium grind" is typically called for with the pour over method which should look like course salt. Experiment with your grinder each time you brew until the extraction times match up and the coffee is tasting epic.

  • The details matter. Its the little details that make the difference in making the best cups of coffee (Just like with cocktails) Warming your mug with hot water whilst you brew will keep your coffee hotter for longer. Rinsing the paper filter with water from your kettle will get rid of the nasty "papery taste" that you will experience if you skip this step.

  • Don't burn your coffee! Water straight of the boil is generally going to be too hot. I use a temperature controlled kettle for its ease of use and accuracy but you can achieve similar results by letting the kettle sit for a few minutes after its boiled, or adding boiling water to cold water in a measuring jug to bring the temperature down.

Fast forward to me discovering the Pour Over Coffee Mezcal Negroni concept and I was ready to go!

On my first attempt at this drink I realised that I was loosing some of the volume of the drink as the coffee absorbs it.

My first attempt was with a typical spec of 30ml of each ingredient so I scaled that up to 45ml and that did a better job of filling the glass and quenching my thirst!

And so at last i give you me recipe for the Pour Over Coffee Mezcal Negroni.

Pour Over Coffee Mezcal Negroni


Pour Over Cone

Pour Over filter paper

Coffee Grinder

Stirring Glass or Carafe

An extra glass

Stopwatch or timer.


Large Rocks/ Old Fashioned Glass


25g Freshly ground coffee (medium grind - like course salt)

45ml Mezcal *

45ml Campari

45ml Sweet Vermouth

*If you want to test this with Gin it will still be great, but the smokiness of the Mezcal really works well with the coffee.


1 Burnt Orange Slice


Kalita Wave with rinsed filter paper.

Kalita wave with ground coffee, ready to filter.

Mezcal Negroni filtering through the coffee.
  1. Setup your Stirring glass with the filter cone and paper. Rinse the paper with water and discard.

  1. Grind your coffee. 25g for 1 or 45g for 2 cocktails, and add to the cone.

  1. Combine the Mezcal, Campari and Sweet vermouth in a tin with no ice. We are going to pour from this over the ground coffee.

  1. Prepare your setup so you have everything to hand the key to a good extraction of the coffee flavour is the timing. When you add the first of the liquid to the coffee you start your timer you want to finish the extraction at the 3 minute mark.

  1. If you have large ice cubes i would ice the stirring glass now, if not I would suggest waiting the end and then icing and stirring as you normally would with a negroni. When you're ready to go pour enough of the Negroni mix over the coffee so that its fully saturated. Start your timer as you do this. Start the pour in the middle of the coffee grounds and try to spiral out to the edge of the cone this helps to ensure a full extraction from the coffee.

  1. If necessary you can use a barspoon to gently stir the coffee grounds.

  2. Watch the mix filter through the coffee grounds, before it begins to go dry add more of the Negroni using the same pouring technique.

  1. Repeat the process a 3rd time (and 4th if necessary) we want to finish pouring around the 2.00-2.30 minute mark.

  2. When the timer hits 3 minutes most of the liquid should have filtered through the coffee. Move the cone across to your spare glass to catch any remaining liquid without making a mess. We wont be using this part for our drink as we have already collected the best flavours.

  1. We can now prepare our Coffee Mezcal Negroni by stirring with Ice and straining.

  1. Add some more ice your carafe/ stirring glass and stir the Negroni until it's chilled and diluted properly.

Coffee Mezcal Negroni after stirring in the Kalita Wave Carafe
  1. Strain into your glasses and add ice. This is the time to break out your giant cubes, or clear Ice if you have it! :)

Coffee Mezcal Negroni Strained into two Goblet/ Rocks Glasses

Coffee Mezcal Negroni with large blocks of clear ice.

  1. Garnish with a Burnt Orange or and Orange Zest.

Coffee Mezcal Negroni garnishes with There Will Be Blood Orange

Thats quite a lot of work to go to for one drink I know, was it worth it? Comment below and tag me on Instagram with your cocktails @keepcalmandcocktial

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