Drink Better.

It's time to step up your drinks game.



Everyone likes a good drink, but being dependant on professional bartenders to make you high-quality drinks is over. We are here to show you how.


Whether you're looking to save money on those $20 cocktails by learning to make them yourself or just have an alternative for that cold stubby after work we are here to give you the confidence to mix your own delicious cocktails and have a great time doing it!


With some simple recipe's, the right equipment and some good quality garnishes, you'll be drinking homemade world-class drinks before you know it.

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Drink Better
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Making great drinks is about more than a following a recipe. If you want to recreate the drinks from your favourite bars and restaurants all you need to do is put some thought into each aspect that goes into making the drink.

  •  Beautiful glassware

  • Premium Ingredients

  • Good quality ice

  • Beautiful garnishes

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Take a look at the Keep Calm and Cocktail Instagram for recipe inspirations


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My Premium Gin and Tonic Garnishes are designed to level up your home drinks.


100% fruit, they're fully dehydrated with nothing added.


They have a long shelf life so they're sustainable. Say goodbye to half used lemons sitting in your fridge.  

Mixology made easy!

Over the weeks, you will learn how to shake and stir your way to some of the best cocktails in the world!


You'll be able to make delicious homemade syrups and cordials like the pros.


No more lockout laws.


No more $20 cocktails.

Daiquiri is #drinkoftheday
New York sour for #drinkoftheday
Zombie time!

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